Google News Showcase comes to the US and updates to follow the Google News tab

Google News Showcase comes to the US and updates to follow the Google News tab

Google News Showcase is coming to the US this summer; that’s after launching News Showcase in October 2020. Google also made updates to the Google News tracking tab and re-announced the launch of Google Reader Revenue Manager, which we covered in April.

Introducing Google News in the US. Google said the Google News Showcase is coming to the US this summer. That includes partnerships with more than 150 U.S.-based news publications, 90 percent of which are local or regional, Google said. Google News Showcase has now expanded to 22 countries worldwide with more than 2,300 participating publications.

Follow the Google News tab. Google is also updating the Google News tracking tab, to help “local publications appear more often in Google News and give readers an easier way to find the news that’s relevant to them,” Google wrote.

The new and updated Track feature will be available globally on Android soon and will expand to iOS later this year, Google said.

Here’s what it looks like, you can see the follow button in the footer of the Google News app:

Reader Revenue Manager. Google also re-announced the Google Reader Revenue Manager that we covered in April. This helps publishers increase engagement by highlighting their content to readers. This is part of the Google Publisher Center, where you can control how readers can subscribe to your content and pay for your content.

A new survey feature is coming to Reader Revenue Manager that helps publishers ask their readers questions to better understand their demographics and interests, so publishers can deliver more relevant content and ads.

Google said the US, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru, with Asia-Pacific markets and other additional regional launches to follow later this summer.

Why we care In addition to new investments in news publications, these new features can help publishers gain more visibility, increase revenue and understand their audience. The News Showcase has never been to the States, so it will be new to many of us here in the states.

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