Practice with Google’s new generative search experience

Practice with Google's new generative search experience

Google opened up access to its new generative search experience today, and our very own Barry Schwartz is one of the first to get it.

Although he had to go offline for the Shavuot holiday, he was able to share several tweets with pictures of his first tests. I’ve collected most of these in this article so you can take a look at the experiment that is Google SGE.

Google’s welcome email

It’s Barry’s turn to try out Search Labs! This is the email message that Google sent with the “You’re in” message.


Yes, we’re ready to start experimenting with Search Labs.

But first you have to agree after reading this long and crazy SGE Privacy Notice:

3 Sge Privacy notice 800x470

search [when does Shavous start?]

4 When Shavous starts climbing

Google didn’t show the time, but Barry likes how you can expand on the answers.

5 When Shavous starts climbing

Also, look at all those organic/free snackable links you can click on.

Barry said the follow-up responses are “pretty good”:

6 Shavuot Follow up scale7 Shavuot Learn all night.  Climbing

search [where to get a haircut near me]

In local search. We have a 5-pack:

8 Pack of 5 haircuts to scale

And a pack of 3:

9 Pack of 3 haircuts to scale

search [where can I learn about SEO]

Where can you learn SEO? Well… this is what you get from Google:

10 More information about Seo Scaled

Search: [who writes at Search Engine Land?]

11 author scale search engines

Some queries on how to do this

How do we tie our shoes or change our tires, Google?

12 How to tie your shoes on a ladder15 How to tie your shoes on a ladder13 How to change the scale of the tires14 How to change the tire car scale

Some questions about your money, your life

Some have AI-generated answers and some don’t, as Google said would be the case:

16 Headache scale medicine19 Headache Scale cancer17 Google Stock to scale18 Scale investments

what about barry

Some Vanity Quests by Barry Schwartz:

20 best breasts to scale22 best breasts to scale21 Is Barry the best Seo scaled23 Barry 50000 scale items

Mobile interface

Here are a couple of Barry’s tweets with GIFs showing the SGE on mobile.

Editor’s Note: I will update this article with more screenshots later. Until then, you can find many more searches about politics, shopping, sports and more on Barry’s Twitter feed, which you can find here.

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