Are you making the most of your martech stack? Take the 2023 replacement survey

With budget constraints, but also under pressure to drive growth, marketing and marketing operations leaders have been watching the ROI of martech solutions closely.

We want to know what conclusions you have been reaching. Have you been consolidating your existing stack? Have you opted for promising new tools? Maybe you’re reducing your tech holdings?

The need for better functions. The 2022 survey showed that the solutions were replaced a search for better functionsin particular:

Better integrations/open API. Enhanced data capabilities. Ability to measure ROI. Better customer experience.

All were higher on the list than cost. What has changed, if anything?

We are in a very different place than we were just a year ago. The world opened up again for business. Many people returned to the workplace. It was no longer necessary to do almost everything, from shopping to hanging out with friends, digitally.

This does not mean that we have abandoned our multifaceted digital environments. We found that many virtual experiences worked well. However, there was some slowdown in digital transformation (after the crazy acceleration of 2020), which likely led to the downsizing we saw in several marketing technology companies that may have grown too fast.

Taking the temperature. In a context of economic uncertainty, our intuition is that there is still a thirst for innovation, technological efficiency and data-driven decision-making with better support. After all, marketers have hardly hesitated to get their hands on generative AI.

But we need data to see if our intuition is correct. So please take three minutes to complete our replacement survey and let us know how your martech world is evolving.

The MarTech 2023 Replacement Survey is here.

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