The WP Rocket WordPress plugin now optimizes the LCP Core Web Vitals metric

The WP Rocket WordPress plugin now optimizes the LCP Core Web Vitals metric

WP Rocket, the WordPress page speed performance plugin, has just announced the release of a new version that will help publishers optimize for Largest Content Paint (LCP), an important metric of Core Web Vitals.

High Content Paint (LCP)

LCP is a page speed metric that is designed to show how quickly it takes a user to perceive the page load and read to interact with it. This metric measures how long it takes for the main content elements to fully load. This gives an idea of ​​how usable a web page is. The faster the LCP, the better the user experience.

WP Rocket 3.16

WP Rocket is a caching plugin that helps a site run faster. The way page caching generally works is that the website will cache frequently accessed web pages and resources so that when someone visits the page, the website doesn’t have to get data from the database, which takes time, but will serve the web page from the cache. This is very important when a website has many visitors because it can use a lot of server resources to fetch and build the same website over and over again for each visitor.

The latest version of WP Rocket (3.16) now contains automatic LCP optimization, which means it will optimize the elements of the main content page to be published first, thus increasing LCP scores and providing a better experience user

Since it’s automatic, there’s really nothing to play with or adjust.

According to WP Rocket:

“Automatic LCP Optimization: Optimizes larger content painting, a critical metric for website speed, automatically improving overall PageSpeed ​​scores. Intelligent above-the-fold image management: Automatically detects and prioritizes critical images above the fold, loading them immediately to improve user experience and performance metrics.

All the new functionalities work perfectly in the background and do not require any direct user intervention. When installing or upgrading to WP Rocket 3.16, these optimizations are automatically enabled, although customization options are still accessible for those who prefer manual control.

Read the official announcement:

WP Rocket 3.16: Automatic LCP and PageSpeed ​​Score Improvement

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