Instagram explains why your content isn’t reaching your followers

Instagram explains why your content isn't reaching your followers

Instagram shows why your published videos may not reach all your followers on the platform.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, explained that “no one” is reaching all of their followers for two main reasons:

Many of your followers may not open the app on the day you posted your new content. Those followers who log into the app that day are presented with far more posts than they have time to scroll through on Instagram. As a result, they may not scroll down far enough to see all the posts.

What Instagram says. Sharing these ideas about threads, Mosseri followed up his comments by advising content creators not to blame the platform’s algorithms for poor reach. He wrote:

“Before some of you say ‘algorithm’ is to blame, understand that ranking and recommendations *increase* the amount of posts people get to and thus the amount of reach to circulate , more than anything else we’ve ever done.”

Focus on views and likes. Mosseri also encouraged content creators to prioritize view and like counts over follower counts in their reports. he added:

“I understand why people focus so much on follower count; they are prominent and easy to find. But if you really want to get an idea of ​​how relevant an account is, look at how many likes they get per post and how many views they get per reel.”

reaction Content creators weren’t very receptive to Mosseri’s advice, accusing Instagram of implementing poor algorithms that negatively affected reach. Many creators shared screenshots of analysis to support their comments. Piques, who has 2.1 million followers on Instagram, wrote answer:

“Stop gaslighting the people who built your platform and put a roof over your head.”

Pics Insta 2

Award-winning author Diana Urban responded threads sharing a screenshot of her analytics five days after sharing a post with her 9,000 followers:

Insta Reach

She wrote: “I understand what you’re saying @mosseri, but I find it hard to believe that only 200 of my followers have opened the app in the last 6 days and haven’t scrolled down far enough to see this post. And yet I appreciate that this one went viral, mostly I want my followers to see my regular *opted in* posts. I hope what so many of us are saying makes sense.”

Why we care If you follow Instagram’s guidelines and still don’t see an increase in terms of reach, it can offer some reassurance that many other successful content creators are in the exact same boat.

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