Google’s March 2024 Core Update is still rolling out

Google Core Rolling Fire Ball

It’s now been four weeks and one day since the Google March 2024 Core Update started rolling out, 29 days since it started and yes, it’s still not finished rolling out. Google’s Danny Sullivan and John Mueller confirmed this yesterday, though the Google Search Status Dashboard he says the same thing

Danny Sullivan continued X, “Still rolling out” and reference material from his previous blog post on the subject. Here are those posts:

“The March 2024 Core Update is a more complex update than our usual core updates, involving changes to several core systems. It also marks an evolution in the way we identify the usefulness of content…

As this is a complex update, it may take up to a month to roll out. It is likely…

— Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) April 2, 2024

Still rolling out.

— Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) April 2, 2024

John Mueller continued Reddit“No, it’s not complete. It will be labeled as complete when it’s finished deploying.”

He then offered some advice, saying that you should always be working to improve things on your site, while also trying to diversify your traffic beyond organic Google search. He wrote:

Regardless, if you’ve noticed things worth improving on your site, I’ll go ahead and do those things. The idea isn’t to make changes just for search engines, is it? Your users will be happy if you can improve things even if the search engines haven’t updated their view of your site yet.

Also, even though I don’t know your site, one thing you can do regardless of anything is figure out how you can grow alternative traffic sources so that when the search engines update their opinion of your site, you have less force fluctuations (making things more independent of search engines). And once you go down this path, you’ll probably also notice that you’re focusing more on creating value for users (because you want them to come visit and recommend themselves), which is ultimately what search engines want too.

As you’ve seen, I covered that there haven’t been any useful content recoveries yet, while I also saw that there have been core update recoveries. Here are our previous stories about these updates:

Google search results are still somewhat turbulent, according to the ranking tools. I will say that the SEO chatter around these updates and the movement around these updates has calmed down a lot, although the tracking tools are showing movement.

Here’s what the tools have been showing for the past month or so:


Similar website



Advanced web rankings:

Advanced web ranking















Cognitive SEO:

Cognitive headquarters

Have any of you seen any recent movement?

I suspect the update will be very soon as I just posted that it’s still being rolled out, that’s what usually happens. 😛

Discussion in the forum a X i Reddit.

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