Daily Mail publisher introduces social news video ads first

Daily Mail publisher introduces social news video ads first

DMG Media is set to launch a new social video advertising product first called Edits.

Edits offers advertisers the opportunity to target the Daily Mail’s expanding audience on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Facebook, as well as its own platforms such as Metro and Mail Online.

The editions have been explained. Edits is designed to simplify the video production process and lower the cost of entry for advertisers. The product assures marketers that their ads will reach their target audience through DMG Media’s combination of organic video placements on its platforms and paid distribution.

How it works. During an initial consultation with DMG Media, advertisers can select from a menu of five customizable video formats tailored to different industries. Once the setup is agreed, the Edits videos will be produced by DMG Media and could be live in as little as two weeks. DMG Media will then use its customer identification solution, dmg::ID, to serve ads to high-value consumers on platforms such as Facebook and TikTok, based on their interests.

While DMG Media creates Edita videos on behalf of advertisers, the media giant expects each video to be strong enough to stand alone as editorial content.

Why we care. By outsourcing the video production process to DMG Media, Edits leverages the media giant’s deep understanding of its audience, which could result in more effective content and engagement for this specific consumer demographic. However, since Edits is a new product, we have yet to see what results it is actually capable of achieving.

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What DMG Media says. Mail Metro Media chief revenue officer Dominic Williams told Press Gazette:

“With a long heritage of creating seriously popular content, editorially and commercially, we know how to produce compelling stories that make people and brands famous.” “We’re incredibly excited to now offer a comprehensive approach to 360 video, offering exciting new video formats that ensure we can guarantee results for our clients.”

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