New research and strategies to improve visibility in 2024

New research and strategies to improve visibility in 2024

With all the updates to Google’s SERP features, it can be a challenge to know what strategies can keep you visible amid the recent developments. let’s help each other

Watch this webinar on demand to dive deeper into all of SERP’s features, what they are, and why they’re important to your own business.

STAT Senior Search Scientist Tom Capper shows you everything you need to know to build an end-to-end strategy, with the latest research on SERP features in 2024, including how often each will appear and visibility that each one generates. with comparative analysis between device type and geographic market.

You will learn:

An overview of SERP features: what they are, why they’re important, and what’s new. How the top 5 SERP features stack up with new data on prevalence and share of voice. How to craft your own custom SERP feature strategy to gain visibility.

You’ll leave knowing how to uncover strategic insights from SERP features in your space for content, competitive research, and on-page optimizations to increase your organic presence.

Ready to learn how to incorporate a more robust approach to SERP features into your SEO strategy? Check out this robust webinar.

See the slides below or watch the full webinar for all the details.

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