AI-Powered SEO Theft Comes to Exceljet: An Ethical Dilemma

AI-Powered SEO Theft Comes to Exceljet: An Ethical Dilemma

Exceljet traffic plummets due to unfair SEO practices involving AI

In a startling exposure of the darker side of search engine optimization (SEO), Exceljet, a popular online resource for learning Microsoft Excel, has experienced a significant drop in website traffic. The culprit? Unfair competition from so-called ‘SEO hijackers’ who have cloned your content and redirected most of the traffic to your website, using artificial intelligence tools.

Exceljet’s situation

David Bruns, the founder of Exceljet, has found his website in the crosshairs of an “SEO attack”. An inferior copy of its content, mass-produced by an AI article writer, has been diverting traffic from Exceljet. The man behind the scheme, Jake Ward, has been using AI to replicate Exceljet headlines and post them on his website, diverting clicks from Exceljet.

The result? A sharp drop in Exceljet traffic and an increase in factual errors due to the lower quality of AI-generated articles. David Bruns has been left struggling with the financial implications of this nefarious strategy.

Open admission and ethical dilemma

Adding insult to injury, Ward has not only confessed to his actions, but also offers advice on how to use AI to steal traffic. Their brazen admission and audacity to educate others about these unethical practices has sparked a debate about the ethical implications of SEO practices and competition in Google searches.

The role of AI in stealing SEO

The “SEO-optimized” AI writing tool at the center of this controversy, Byword, has been used to create low-quality content based on Exceljet’s content. The AI ​​tool has been fed URLs from Exceljet’s 1,800 pages, resulting in the production of nonsensical content that is negatively impacting Exceljet’s website traffic.

These incidents highlight the need for Google and other search engines to step up their efforts to weed out SEO scammers who use AI and other tools to undermine genuine content creators. As AI continues to evolve, it is crucial to ensure that it is used responsibly and does not become a tool for unethical practices in the digital world.


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